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HIGH Touch High Tech Oakland County has been offering fun, educational, hands-on science in the form of 60 or 90 minute, whether "in-school or taking field trips". Elementary students are become our little "scientists" by actually doing the experiments, taking the experiments home with them and earning a certificate of completion for participation.

We provide all the materials and equipment for this supply intensive educational experience. These materials are safe and easy to identify with, which can be duplicated at home with the family. PLUS each student will take something home with them!

Our fee may be paid by parents (as they would for a regular, out-of-school field trip), outside grants, school board, PTA/PTO boosters and student fundraisers. Our fee is only $7.00 per student with a minimum of $200.00 and this includes all the materials

Entire School Special!!! book your entire school for only $6.00 per student.

Science Programs for Kids


Stimulate children's imagination & curiosity for science!

Programming Information:

Find out how much fun chemistry can be! Explore chromatography as you watch colors separate before your eyes. Make your own silly putty and gummy candies as we learn REAL chemistry.

Cosmic Capers©
Travel through space as we explore our solar system. Discover how cool the sun really is. Have a real impact, as we become crater makers. Learn about our planets, the moon, eclipses and much more. Enjoy some astronaut ice cream.

Dig It©
Step into the world of Geology. Learn about gems, rocks, and minerals and where they come from. Uncover the mysteries of rock formation and crystalline structure. Pan for real gems and keep what you find. Perform acid tests and more as we classify our gems. Find out why these gems are so precious.

Edison’s Workshop©
Explore the amazing world of electricity. Learn what’s “current” as you make your very own electroscope and much more! Get all the Hair-Raising facts!

Finally Fun Machines©
Finally, a hands-on and FUN program on machines. Make your very own screw out of a carrot. Meet The Facilitator, our cool multi-personality compound machine, and engage in pulley power, wedge wonders, and incline plane antics. Become “energized” as we discover potential and kinetic energy. Discover the balance in your life as we make our very own levels to take home.

Get the facts…on those natural acts! Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and volcanoes. Learn about our changing conditions which cause these phenomena. Have FUN as we make them happen in your classroom.

Get Buggy©
Discover the incredible world of bugs. Find out all the cool and creepy things bugs do. Design your own bug, see through the eyes of bugs, make your very own beehive and more. Explore the many ways bugs help our world.

Global Fever©
Discover the effects of global warming! Have FUN as we explore clean and renewable energy.

Globs, Goo & Guts©
Roll up your sleeves and make all kinds of icky sticky stuff! Have a hands-on look at real cow guts! Learn the systems of the body, and find out what makes us tick!

Jurassic Jr.©
Step back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. Become a paleontologist and discover real fossils. Uncover the mysteries of the dinosaurs. Make your very own fossil.

Let’s Make Sense©
Have FUN as we make sense out of our senses. Explore our 5 senses, 1 sense at a time. Discover how much we rely on our senses.

Magnet Makers©
Discover the properties of magnetism. Have FUN as we uncover all the “attractive” facts. Make your very own electromagnet and much more!

Matter Matters©
Discover all states of matter including plasma. Explore evaporation rates and the cool journey from liquid to gas. Discover liquid densities and much more!

Meteorology Madness©
Discover wind chill effect; make heat go up and down! Explore the greenhouse effect, touch a cloud, relate to relative humidity, and more!

Nutty Nutrients©
Get the essentials as we learn about the food groups. Have FUN as we test for protein, starch and fat. Become a food archeologist and climb the great food pyramid. Experiment with vitamins; learn to make healthy choices and much more!

Our Living Planet©
Discover why the Earth is our living Planet. Catch some rays as we discover ultraviolet light, the atmosphere and more. Reach for the sky as we learn all about clouds. Touch a cloud! Get into the swing of things as we learn about the equinox and solstice. Discover what Biome is your home!

Rainforest Safari©
It’s all about the rainforest! Build your very own rainforest to keep! Become a tribal shaman and make medicine.

Sea Ya’ Later©
Explore our amazing underwater world. Learn about plankton, and why almost all ocean life depends on them. Get the Beef on Coral Reefs! Discover how marine mammals stay warm. Make your very own reef to keep!

Smarty Plants©
Discover the amazing world of plants. Learn about photosynthesis and germination. Have a hands-on look at roots, shoots, and transportation inside a plant. Get all the “seedy” facts!

The Body Shop©
Step into the world of the pediatrician’s office. Take your weight, height, and temperature. Take a deep breath as we listen to our heartbeat with real stethoscopes. See your own pulse! Discover your reflexes. Put on gloves like surgeons and have a hands-on look at real bones! Explore the world of vaccines as we work with syringes. Meet the Angry Antibody Army and much more!

The Chain Gang©
Join the chain gang, the food chain that is. Explore the five laws of nature that apply to the world’s ecosystems. Have fun as we learn about predatorprey relationships, and dissect real owl pellets. Discover why honeybees are so important to the balance of nature as we make our very own honeycombs, and much, much more.

The Real McCoy©
Join us on a fun filled adventure as we discover several very famous African American scientists. Learn about their incredible contributions to science. Have FUN as we do some real cool experiments while honoring these great scientists.

Weather or Not©
Learn about weather as we take an up close and hands-on look at a real tornado. Watch as we make thunder. Discover all the amazing properties of air and air pressure. Touch lightning! Make the conditions change as we lift ice cubes with a string.

What’s the Matter©
Find out what really matters. Have FUN as we explore all different types of matter. Discover bubbling potions for yourself, watch air take up space and even have a contest with carbon dioxide!


Science Programs for Kids


Investigate how fun and interesting science can be through hands-on learning!

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Science Programs for Kids


Participate in FUN science experiments with easy to use scientific tools!

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