Seniors Programs

Why a Senior's Program?

Did you know that senior citizens who participate in mind-simulating activities can improve their cognitive abilities, rejuvenate their memory, and even help slow down or reverse the aging process? Recent scientific studies clearly show that seniors who stay mentally active enjoy all of these rewards while having FUN at the same time!

High Touch High Tech of Oakland County offers Senior Adult programs that are designed to provide fun, interactive activities for older adults who are looking to make their retirement days more rewarding. Our workshops provide a fresh approach to activities for Senior Centers, Nursing Homes, Active Senior Communities, and Retirement Villages.

High Touch High Tech workshops offer a hands-on experience and create a social outlet to help seniors bring out their personality and energy. We come to you and through our interactive learning approach; seniors are given the opportunity to interact with their peers, share memories, and be reminded of a more youthful time in their life. The Senior Adult Science programs we offer are perfect for nursing home activities or community centers in a group setting. We use materials that are safe and appropriate for senior citizens of all abilities.

Science Programs for Kids


Encourage science discovery in children of all ages, from 3 to 93.

NEW Senior Science Programs Include:

Chemical Reactions©
Roll up your sleeves as we make really fun, entertaining, and safe chemical reactions. Watch colors separate right before your very eyes! Make your very own space mud ball to keep!.

This programming is erupting with FUN. Make sure your goggles are on, as our volcanoes erupt really high!.

The Power of Light©
Have fun as we discover light, energy, and our atmosphere..

Gold Rush©
Step back in time to the days of the Old Prospectors! Pan for gems, and keep what you find. Become a geologist as we classify the gems stones..

Weather or Not©
Weather or Not: Discover thunder, lightning, and much more! Have fun as we go ice cube fishing!.

I Need My SPACE©
Explore the universe, the solar system and our planets. Touch a nebula! Discover how old you are on other planets!.

Global Fever©
Global Fever: Get ready to learn about global warming and climate change. Discover why sea levels are rising. Have fun as we calculate our carbon footprint.

Smarty Plants©
Discover the wonderful world of plants. Turn your very own flower a different color as we learn about nutrient transportation. Have fun as we learn about diffusion, and make your own terrarium to keep!


Science Programs for Kids


Investigate how fun and interesting science can be through hands-on learning!

Call or email today or simply complete your reservation request form on-line to schedule your next senior science "field trip" with High Touch High Tech.

We look forward to creating lasting memories with you!

Science Programs for Kids


Participate in FUN science experiments with easy to use scientific tools!

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